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Welcome to Bright Moments Preschool Academy!

“We Educate… We Inspire...


We embrace all children and strive to create an inclusive environment that provides an early educational preschool program that empowers all children.  Our program has been evaluated by California Department of Social Services Regional Center and we are an approved Service Provider.  Our goal is to prepare children for the next level of learning by addressing the social, emotional, developmental, and academic needs.  We cultivate an environment that enables students to benefit academically and socially.

We also have "advanced" learning sessions for children 5-6 years old.  These sessions will feature sight words, enhanced language skills, writing, sentence building, enhanced mathematical skills, science, social studies and more!  

We are currently enrolling for School Year 2017-18.  Click here for more information about our Preschool Program. 

Fall Session 2017-18 ~ Our best year ever!!

Students will engage in hands-on activities designed to promote learning related to:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics!

Our Students LOVE the learning experiences that we create as they are designed to engage, challenge and expand their mind!!

Incorporating S.T.E.A.M supports our goal to help our students develop a strong foundation for future learning. STEAM activities will allow the opportunity for students to explore and develop skills and concepts through play and discussion

Often involves experimentation!! 
Encourages answering questions and investigation.

Using simple tools like crayons and rulers,
as well as more complex tools like microscopes!

Builds critical thinking skills!
Recognize problems and testing solutions.

Encourages creativity and allow students to illustrate
concepts they are learning.

Focuses on numbers, patters, shapes,
organizational skills and much more!
  • We are a team of dedicated educators that intentionally focus on being a beneficial presence in the lives of children, families and the community.

  • We are a culturally diverse and inclusion learning community.

  • We are structured, yet flexible and willing, to adjust to group dynamics that will maximize the potential and development of children.

  • We form strong collaborative relationships with community organizations to create social bonds and meaningful relationships that will subsequently impact children, families, and the community.

  • We are conduits that bridge the gap via offering programs and opportunities to enhance the well-being of families.

  • We value the opportunity to join families on their journey to create Bright Moments throughout their child's educational experience.
Who are We?  
....We are Bright Moments!

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